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Course Co-ordinated by IIT Kanpur
Dr. Shatarupa Thakurta Roy
IIT Kanpur


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Visual Art is compulsorily a successful visual arrangement. Visual Representation is a mode of non-linguistic and nonverbal communication. It involves a wide range of symbolic icons that cannot be comprehended solely through intuition. The course introduces numerous theoretical constructs that enable its audiences to primarily understand the nature of visual medium and eventually develop a visual vocabulary to decode visual messages with a semiotic approach. The knowledge is instrumental in visual analysis, critical art appreciation, theoretical and practical art and design endeavors.

1. Introduction to Art and visual language
2. Composition and Space
3. Perception of motion
4. Scale and Proportion
5. Line as a visual element
6. Visual harmony and balance as a rule
7. Color combination, value and texture
8. Visual analysis and conclusion

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