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Dr. Sambit Mallick
IIT Guwahati


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The objective of the course is to enable students to understand science as a socio-cultural product in specific socio-historical contexts. The course exposes students to philosophical, historical and sociological perspectives to look at science as a practice deeply embedded in culture and society. It emphasizes the dynamic nature of the relations between wider cultural practices on one hand and scientific practices on the other. The attempt is to equip students with an understanding indispensable for an in-depth study of science-technology-society dynamics.




Introduction: Perspectives on the relations between science, technology and society: hierarchical, symbiotic and coalescing


Demarcation, autonomy and cognitive authority of science and challenges - I


Demarcation, autonomy and cognitive authority of science and challenges - II


Demarcation, autonomy and cognitive authority of science and challenges - III


Demarcation, autonomy and cognitive authority of science and challenges - IV


Science as a social institution and the ethos of science


Inequalities in science


Technological shaping of society


Social shaping of technology


Information society - I


Information society - II


Science policies in India


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