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Course Co-ordinated by IIT Guwahati
Dr. Liza Das
IIT Guwahati


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This course targets students and faculty of institutions offering undergraduate engineering programmes. It provides a general introduction to the field of Cultural Studies which has emerged as the most comprehensive and interdisciplinary field in the humanities and social sciences today. It incorporates both the views of culture as a way of life and as a contested site for human discourse and action. Knowledge of key concepts and approaches will equip students to understand and articulate themselves as cultural beings and not simply technologists. As an interdisciplinary course, it will be beneficial to students opting for several HSS courses offered by all engineering colleges and the IITs at the undergraduate level. Universities offering master degree programmes in Cultural Studies can use the content for an introductory course.


  • Introduction
  • Key Concepts
  • Sites
  • Culture Industries and Cultural Forms


Lecture Topics and Contents

No of Lectures


  1. Cultural Studies: An Introduction
  2. Understanding Cultural Studies
  3. Evolution and Culture
  4. Evolutionary Psychology
  5. The Modern Mind: Its Origins
  6. Memetics
  7. Structuralism
  8. Marxism (Part 1)
  9. Marxism (Part 2)
  10. Poststructuralism



Key Concepts

  1. Subjectivity
  2. Identity
  3. Ideology (Part 1)
  4. Ideology (Part 2)
  5. Representation (Part 1)
  6. Representation (Part 2)
  7. Power
  8. Discourse
  9. Gender (Part 1)
  10. Gender (Part2)






  1. The Body
  2. Space
  3. Time
  4. Culture and Development
  5. Language
  6. Ethnicity, Race and Nation
  7. Globalization
  8. Consumption (Part 1)
  9. Consumption (Part 2)
  10. Biology



Culture Industries,   Cultural Forms



  1. Culture Industry
  2. The Commodity
  3. Media
  4. Television
  5. New Media
  6. Science, Technology and Cultural Studies
  7. Cyberculture
  8. Cultural Policy
  9. Critiquing Cultural Studies
  10. Summing Up




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