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Prof Subba Reddy B
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This course introduces the recent advances in EHV/UHV transmission and distribution systems. The course emphasizes learning and understanding the newer design criteria required for the UHV transmission systems viz: insulation design, protections, safety concerns etc. The course starts with an introduction to the importance of EHV /UHV transmission, its present and future growth. The discussion on the various components used for UHV transmission, design considerations for UHV substations etc are strengthened with the aid of lectures, practical video demonstrations and assignment exercises.




Introduction to the development of Power Transmission


Recent advances in UHV power transmission systems; present status and future growth


General Design Criteria for overhead transmission lines: Methodologies, reliability wind/ice loading etc


Major Components of HV transmission systems, types of conductor configurations conductor accessories/clamps etc.


Towers for UHV transmission: calculations of clearances for power frequency, switching and lightning surges, right of way(ROW)etc.


Selection of insulators for light, medium and heavy polluted


Design consideration of UHV substations, Comparison of AIS, Hybrid-AIS and GIS electric and magnetic fields


Insulation coordination for UHV systems


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3. CIGRE Working Group SC B.3-22 Technical requirements for substations exceeding 800 Brochure No: 400, Dec 2009.
4. IEC-60826, International standard, Design criteria of overhead transmission lines, 2003.
5. Outdoor Insulators Ravi gorur, Edward Cherney & Jeffery Burnham Text book



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