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The course covers lessons in Semiconductors,Diode and BJT Model Parameter Extraction,Standard TTL Circuits,Schottky Transistor Logic,ECL Basic Operation.
Lecture Name
1   Semiconductors
Modelling of PN Junction Diodes
3   Modelling of BJTs
4 Diode and BJT Model Parameter Extraction
5 BJT Inverters DC and Switching Characteristics
6 Schottky Transistor
7 Specifications of Logic Circuits
8 Qualitative discussion on TTL Circuits
9 Standard TTL Circuits
10 Low power Schottky
11 Advanced TTL Circuits
12 I2 L Technology
13 Edge triggered D-F/F
14 I2 L - Condition for Proper Operation
15 I2 L - Propagation delay Self aligned
16 Schottky Transistor Logic
17 Stacked I2 L
18 ECL Basic Operation
19 Quantitative analysis of ECL 10k Series gates
20 Emitter Function Logic;Low Power ECL
21 Polyemitter Bipolar Transistor In ECL;Propagation
22 Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor Based ECL;ECL
23 nMOS Logic Circuits
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