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Course Co-ordinated by IIT Kanpur
Dr. Pradeep Kumar K
IIT Kanpur


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Applied electromagnetics for engineers is designed to be an application oriented course while covering all the theoretical concepts of modern electromagnetics. It begins by an in-depth study of transmission lines which play an important role in high-speed digital design and signal integrity of PCBs. After a brief review of necessary mathematics (coordinate systems, vector analysis, and vector fields), the course covers analytical and numerical solution of Laplaces and Poissons equations, quasi-static analysis of capacitors and skin effect, inductance calculations, and Maxwell equations. Wave propagation in free-space, ferrites, and peroidic media are covered along with waveguides (rectangular, planar dielectric, and optical fibers) and antennas. The course includes a balance between theory, programming, and applications. Several case studies will be discussed




Introduction to Applied EM theory,Lossless Transmission line equations,Frequency-domain behavior Characteristic impedance of T-line,Reflection and transmission
coefficients,Complete solution for sinusoidal propagation


More general T-lines,Attenuation and propagation coefficients,Transmission line techniques: Standing wave ratio (SWR) and line impedance,Visual aid: Smith Chart derivation,Smith chart applications: Impedance to admittance conversion, SWR and impedance calculation


Impedance matching techniques - Part 1,Impedance matching techniques - Part 2,T-lines in time-domain: Reflection from mismatched loads,Lattice diagram calculations,Pulse propagation on T-lines


Case study: High-speed digital signals on PCBs,Transients with reactive termination,Application: Time-domain reflectometry,Review of Coordinate Systems,Review of Vector analysis -1


Uniform plane waves - one dimensional wave equation    Uniform plane waves: propagation in arbitrary direction, phase velocity, polarization    Plane waves in conductors an dielectric media    Reflection and transmission of plane waves at a planar interface    Oblique incidence and reflection of plane waves - s and p polarization


Dispersion and attenuation     Dielectric planar waveguides    Case study: Optical fibers    Application: Fiber-optic communications    WDM optical components


Wave propagation in crystals and index ellipsoid    Wave propagation in Ferrites Wave propagation in periodic structures: Diffraction Vector potential and wave equation Radiation by dipole


Fundamental Antenna parameters Half-wave dipole    Antenna array and diffraction Application: RFID    Looking ahead


Textbook: 1.Electromagnetics with applications, 5th ed, J. D. Kraus and D. Fleisch, McGraw Hill, 1999.
References: 2. Engineering Electromagnetics, Hayt and Buck, 7th edition, McGraw Hill.
3. Electromagnetic waves, D. Staelin, A. Morgenthaler, and J. A. Kong, Pearson, Pearson, 1993.
4. Applied Electromagnetics: Early Transmission Line Approach, S. M. Wentworth, Wiley, 2007.
5. Practical Electromagnetics, D. Misra, Wiley, 2007.



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