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This course is designed as the introductory course on Analog Circuits for undergraduate students. It covers the basic components and methodologies used for Analog Design. Most of the portion deals with OPAMP based circuits. Later in the course some BJT and MOSFET based circuits are discussed.




Week 1: Indtroduction, Poles and Zeros, Ideal Opamp, Applications of OPAMP Inverting and Non Inverting Amplifier


Week 2: Applications of OPAMP (..Contd) Summer Amplifier, Difference Amplifier, Integrator, Differentiator


Week 3: Non Idealities in an OPAMP Finite Gain, Bandwidth, Slew Rate, Saturation, Offset Voltage, Bias Current


Week 4: Bode Plots, Frequency Response, Millers Theorem, Feedback, Effect of Feedback


Week 5: Stability, Nyquist Plot, Phase Margin, Gain margin, Frequency Compensation


Week 6: Filter Design, Butterworth and Chebyshev Filters Non Linear Applications of Filters Limiters, Oscillators, Multivibrators


Week 7: Diodes, Basic BJT Circuits


Week 8: Basic MOSFET circuits
1. Microelectronic Circuits : Theory and Applications, by sedra and smith,
2.Fundamentals of Electric Circuits by Alexander and Sadiku,
3.Analog Integrated Circuit Design, by Johns and Martin,
4.Analysis and Design of Analog Integrated Circuits, by Grey, Hurst and Mayer

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