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Cryptology is employed to communicate securely, authenticate messages and sign digitally. This four-week course “Introduction to Cryptology” is designed for both computer science and mathematics students, touching upon the most important ideas and techniques of the present day cryptology. All the pre-requisite topics are revised during the lectures making this course self-contained and accessible to a wider audience. It is hoped that this course will prepare interested students for a more extensive course on Information Security.

Week. No. Topics
Week 1    Classical Cryptography, Shannon’s Theory. 
Week 2 Block Ciphers.
Week 3 Public Key Cryptography. 
Week 4 Cryptographic Hash Functions.


Discrete Mathematics

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3. Koblitz N., “A Course in Number Theory and Cryptography”, 2nd edition, Springer (Indian Reprint)
4. Buchman J., “Introduction to Cryptography”, 2nd edition, Springer (Indian Reprint)

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