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Course Co-ordinated by IIT Madras
Prof. Gaurav Raina
IIT Madras



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This course will introduce advanced concepts in analog circuit design specifically relevant to CMOS IC design. It will cover circuit noise and mismatch, their analysis, and their impact on CMOS opamp design. As prerequisites, the student is expected to have undergone a course on (a) basic circuit theory and analysis (b) signals and systems and (c) MOS analog circuits. At the end of this course, the student should be able to design and analyze several types of CMOS opamps at the transistor level.




The course content will be covered in 8 weeks. Each week of theoretical lectures will be followed by a practical, hands-on tutorial covering the concepts discussed in the previous week. These lectures will consist of programming experiments and assignments which will help the student gain a practical understanding of the ideas discussed before. The topics covered over the 8 weeks will be -

Introduction to the Internet
Building a web application
Performance and security
Building a mobile application

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You'll need to learn the basics of computer programming. If you are new to programming, then the resources below are adequate background for this course. They can also be used to brush up your skills, if you have learnt programming a while ago.




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