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Course Co-ordinated by IIT Madras

Prof.Sridhar Iyer
IIT Bombay


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Smartphones have emerged as the ubiquitous computing platform. It is expected that by 2020, almost 70% of population will own a smartphone. Android is the most prevalent smartphones operating system with coverage of 90% of overall smartphone market.
In this course, we will learn android programming to create applications for smartphones. We will also learn integration of mobile applications with cloud services to create mobile-cloud applications.

Week. No. Topics
Week 1    Introduction to mobile computing, installing of required software and preparingtheworkingenvironment,creatingyour first Android Application
Week 2 Layouts, Views, Resources
Week 3 Activities, Intents
Week 4 Background tasks, Connecting to the Internet
Week 5 Fragments, Preferences
Week 6 User Interaction – input, menu items, custom views
Week 7 User Experience – themes and styles, material design, adaptive layouts,accessibility,localization,debuggingthe UI
Week 8 Storing Data, SQLite database
Week 9 Sharing Data, content resolvers and providers, loaders to load data
Week 10  Services, background work, alarms, broadcast receivers
Week 11   Notification, widgets, transferring data efficiently, publishing app
Week 12   Multiple form factors, sensors, Google cloud messaging, monetizing yourapp


Java Programming, Operating Systems, Basic knowledge on socket connection

1. Android Programming (Big Nerd Ranch Guide), by Phillips, Stewart, Hardy and Marsicano
2. Android Programming – Pushing the limits by Hellman

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