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Course Co-ordinated by IIT Roorkee
Prof. Arun K. Saraf
IIT Roorkee


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The proposed course provides basic understanding about digital elevation models (DEMs) and their applications in Civil Engineering and Earth Sciences. Further, in the proposed course various DEMs, their source, generation techniques, derivatives, errors and limitations would be discussed extensively. Surface Hydrologic Modelling using DEMs, modelling derivatives and their applications would also be discussed.




Concept of digital elevation model (DEM) and how it is represented? Various techniques to generate digital elevation models-1 Various techniques to generate digital elevation models-2 Various techniques to generate digital elevation models-3 Importance of spatial resolution with DEMs


How to assess quality of a DEM? Integration of DEMs with satellite data Common derivatives of DEMs -Slope and aspect Triangulated Irregular Network (TIN) and its derivatives Shaded relief models and their applications


DEMs derivatives 1 DEMs derivatives 2 DEMs derivatives 3 DEMs derivatives 4 DEM based Surface Hydrologic Modelling-1


DEMs based Surface Hydrologic Modelling-2 DEMs and dam simulation and its application in groundwater hydrology Applications of DEMs in solar and wind energy potential estimations Applications of DEMs in Viewshed and Flood Hazard Mapping DEMs Sources, limitations and future of Digital Elevation Models

Current students of engineering, post graduate science students and PhD students should have basic knowledge of GIS.




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