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The objective of the course is to provide optimal insights into geo-spatial positioning using GPS. The course starts with different aspects of GPS systems such as principle of GPS positioning; GPS- signals, receivers, software; GPS positioning & timing system. Then, it provides fundamentals of GPS surveying such as methods, equipments, field operations and quality analysis of observations; followed by GPS observables and errors. Then, it provides GPS processing fundamentals consisting of pre-processing and processing steps under different processing strategies. The course concludes with an assessment of final output.







  1. Introduction
  2. GPS System


  1. GPS System
  2. GPS Surveying


  1. GPS Surveying
  2. GPS Observables
  3. Post processing Software


  1. GPS Processing (Theory)
  2. Data Processing & analysis (Demonstration)

Basics of Physics and mathematics upto 12th
standard and familiarity with use of computer

A Text Book on GPS Surveying (2015) by Dr. Jayanta
Kumar Ghosh
ISBN-13: 978-1522952749
ISBN-10: 1522952748
Amazon US:

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