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Course Co-ordinated by IIT Madras
Prof. B.S. Murty
IIT Madras

Prof. Ligy Philip
IIT Madras

Prof. C. Venkobachar
IIT Madras


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Water and Wastewater Quantity Estimation
Population forecast; Water demand for various purposes; Estimation of wastewater quantity; Variation in quantity of water and wastewater    
 (2 Lectures)

Water Supply/Distribution Systems  
(2 Lectures)

Wastewater Collection Systems  
(2 Lectures)

Water/Wastewater Quality Enhancement
Philosophy of treatment; Unit operations and processes; Physical, chemical and biological methods  
(1 Lecture)

Domestic Wastewater Treatment
Wastewater characteristics; Primary, secondary and tertiary treatment;
(1 Lecture)

Physical Unit Processes
Screening; Commutation; Grit Removal; Equilization; Sedimentation;
(3 Lectures)

Introduction to Microbiology
Microbial ecology and Growth kinetics; Types of microorganisms; aerobic vs. anaerobic processes
(2 Lectures)

Biological Unit Processes
Aerobic treatment; Suspended growth aerobic treatment processes; Activated sludge process and its modifications; Attached growth aerobic processes; Tricking filters and Rotating biological contactors; Anaerobic treatment; suspended growth, attached growth, fluidized bed and sludge blanket systems; nitrification, denitrification; Phosphorus removal
(10 Lectures)

Sludge Treatment
Thickening; Digestion; Dewatering; Sludge drying; Composting 
(2 Lectures)

Wastewater Treatment Plant Characteristics
Sequencing of unit operations and processes; Plant layout; Hydraulic considerations.
(2 Lectures)

Natural Wastewater Treatment Systems
Ponds and Lagoons; Wetlands and Root-zone systems.
(2 Lectures)

Surface and Ground Water Treatment for Potable Water Supply
Water Characteristics; Sequencing of unit operations and processes;
(1 Lecture)

Chemical Unit Processes
Coagulation-Flocculation; Filtration; Disinfections; Aeration and Gas transfer; Precipitation; Softening; Adsorption and Ion exchange; Membrane processes
(9 Lectures)

Water Treatment Plant Characteristics
Plant layout; Hydraulic considerations
(1 Lecture)

Rural Water Supply;
(1 Lecture)

Low Cost Sanitation;
Septic tanks, Soak-pits.
(1 Lecture)

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