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Precipitation, Infiltration and Evapotranspiration                  (8 Lectures)

• Forms of precipitation, measurement, depth-area-duration and intensity
  duration- frequency relations
• Evaporation -- process, measurement, and estimation
• Infiltration -- process, measurement, and estimation
• Evapotranspiration -- measurement and estimation

Runoff and Hydrographs                                                       (8 Lectures)

• Rainfall Runoff correlations, Flow duration curve, Mass curve, Droughts and   floods
• Factors affecting flow hydrograph, Unit hydrograph, its analysis, and S-
  curve hydrograph, Synthetic and instantaneous unit hydrographs

Statistical analysis, Hydrologic Routing                                (7 Lectures)

• Risk, reliability, and safety factor, Flood frequency studies, Flood
  forecasting, Rational method, Time Area curves, Design flood
• Channel and flood routing

Groundwater hydrology                                                        (5 Lectures)

• Flow equations -- Confined and unconfined flow
• Well hydraulics -- Steady and unsteady flow, Well losses, Specific capacity

Irrigation Engineering                                                           (6 Lectures)

• Water requirement of crops
• Hydrologic aspects of irrigation system design

Hydrologic design                                                                 (6 Lectures)

• Design of culverts, detention ponds, storm water drains
• Economics of Water Resources systems
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