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Course Co-ordinated by IIT Kanpur
Prof. Mukesh Sharma
IIT Kanpur


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No. of Lectures
Introduction and Scope
Environmental Systems: Source, Pollutant Transport and Impact on Receptor
Environmental Quality and Pollution: Air-Water quality parameters, units for expression; beneficial uses of water; water quality criteria and standards, air quality criteria, health effects and Indian national air quality standards (including methods for standard setting)
Air Pollution Sources and Assessment of Air Pollution Load– preparation of emission inventory, its presentation (data base) and interpretation
Disposal, Fate and Transport of Waste:

(i) pollutant dispersion in lakes, reservoirs, rivers, ground water, disposal and stream quality standards, (ii) air pollution dispersion, transportation and chemical transformation, meteorological parameters, simple box and gaussian type model for point,
area and line (vehicular sources) (iii) Tutorials and simulated examples

Solid and Hazardous Waste Management: generation, collection, classification, processing and disposal, composting, land filling, incineration, hazardous waste definition and disposal
Air Pollution Control Particulate removal mechanism and processes; reduction of gaseous pollution dry and wet scrubbing
Noise Pollution: causes, measurements, prevention and control
Environmental policies and regulations; water act, water cess act air act, environmental protection act, hazardous and biomedical waste rules, public liability insurance act, EIA notification, and regulatory mechanism
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA): Assessment Procedure – Identification, prediction and evaluation; EIA methodologies; EIA statement and report preparation; examples and simulated case studies
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