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Molecular Spectroscopy is a fundamentally important branch of Physical Chemistry and is vital for all practicing chemists, biologists and material scientists. It is also the field providing experimental verification of a large number of quantum mechanical concepts and enables researchers to obtain some of the most basic and important information about molecules such as bond length, bond angles, bond strengths, optical and magnetic properties. Primarily studied through the interaction of molecules with electromagnetic radiation of different types, molecular spectroscopy is studied through responses of molecules to radiation.




Introduction to Spectroscopy


Introductory Quantum Mechanics


 Elementary introduction to Vibrational (Infra-red) Absorption Spectroscopy of Diatomic Molecules


Vibrational (Infra-red) Absorption Spectroscopy of Polyatomic Molecules: Normal Modes


Vibrational Raman Spectra of Diatomic and Polyatomic Molecules


 Microwave Spectroscopy of Diatomic molecules


Microwave Spectroscopy of Polyatomic Molecules and Elementary Electronic Spectroscopy


 Molecular Interactions and Rotation-Vibration and Vibration-Electronic Coupling

Mathematics at the High school level;
Students should have a basic background in chemistry, calculus and elementary linear algebra;
Knowledge of elementary thermodynamics and atomic structure will be helpful.

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