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Prof. Nand Kishore
IIT Bombay


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The course is designed to benefit students of chemistry, chemical engineering, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical sciences to learn from basic concepts of chemical thermodynamics to applications in chemical and pharmaceutical industries including protein folding and stability.

Module Name
Module 1 Third law of Thermodynamics and its technological applications. Tutorial with problem solving.
Module 2 Gibbs free energy (G), Helmholtz free energy (A), Applications of G and A and connection with work. Tutorial with problem solving.
Module 3 Second law machinery and Maxwell relations. Chemical potential and its applications to chemical systems. Tutorial with problem solving.
Module 4 Ideal and non-ideal solutions. Examples and applications of concepts. Activity, fugacity, activity coefficient, ideal systems.
Module 5 Non-ideality and intermolecular interactions, Excess functions. Tutorials with problems solving.
Module 6 Concept of equilibrium, thermodynamic criterion of equilibrium, endergonic and exergonic reactions, direction of equilibrium. Equilibrium constant and its optimisation.
Module 7 Effect of external factors on equilibrium constant. Tutorial (Equilibrium constant and its applications)
Module 8 Partial molar quantities, thermodynamics of mixing. Applications of partial molar quantities in understanding intermolecular interactions.Turorial with problem solving.
Module 9 Type of systems and technology development, Differential scanning calorimetry. Isothermal titration calorimetry. Applications of Isothermal titration calorimetry and Differential scanning
calorimetry.Tutorial with problem solving.
Module 10 Calorimetry in rational drug design, protein-ligand interactions, protein folding, protein stability and other related areas with examples. Turorial. with problem solving.


1. Physical Chemistry by P. W. Atkins, J. D. Paula, Oxford University Press.
2. Physical Chemistry by R. J. Silbey, R. A. Alberty, M. G. Bawendi, John Wiley and Sons.
3. Biocalorimetry 2: Applications of Calorimetry in the Biological Sciences, John E Ladbury, Michael L Doyle, John Wiley & Sons Ltd.
4. Biothermodynamics: The Role of Thermodynamics in Biochemical Engineering, Urs von Stockar, Luuk A. M. van der Wielen, CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group.



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