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Course Co-ordinated by IISc Bangalore
Dr. J.R. Mudakavi
IISc Bangalore


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Now a days Inductive couple plasma atomic spectrometry (ICP - AES) is the most   preferred technique for the almost all metal ion analysis. The course material consists of :

Introduction to pollution control monitoring, Atomic structure, Introduction to Atomic emission Spectroscopy, Interaction of electromagnetic radiation with matter,  Instrumentation for inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry,  Applications of ICP - AES for metal ion analysis,  Industrial Effluents, Continuous Monitoring etc.




Introduction to pollution control monitoring and Atomic structure.


Atomic structure and Interaction of electromagnetic radiation with matter.


Interaction of electromagnetic radiation with matter and Instrumentation for ICP - AES.


Instrumentation for ICP - AES and Application of ICP - AES for chemical analysis.

10+2 +3 years of BE/BSc, Basic knowledge of differential calculus and integration

Instrumental methods of chemical analysis J.A Dean, L.L Merit Jr, F.A settle 1986 CBS publishers & Distributors,New Delhi SBN:81-234-0943-8
Instrumental analysis Douglas A skoog, lll edition ISBN 4-8337-0282-7, 1985 "



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