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Prof. Sunando Dasgupta
IIT Kharagpur


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This is a fundamental subject for all Chemical Engineering students and is also important in disciplines as diverse as Mechanical Engineering, Biotechnology and Nanotechnology. Over the last few decades, the subject has revolutionized the way engineering science is taught. This course deals with the unified treatment of the different transport processes, ubiquitous in industry as well as in nature. Momentum, heat and mass transfer are taught together due to the underlying similarities of the mathematics and molecular mechanisms describing such processes. The students will be made aware of the core scientific connections and will be encouraged to solve problems based on relevant analogies.

Module Name
Module 1 Fundamental concepts in momentum transfer, shell balance, governing equations and relevant boundary conditions
Module 2 Formulation and solution of momentum transfer in laminar flow
Module 3 Navier-Stokes equation and its applications, solutions of momentum transfer problems in different geometries
Module 4 Formulation and solution of heat transfer in laminar flow
Module 5 Development and use of energy equation
Module 6 Transient conduction - lumped capacitance, analytical solutions and other methods.
Module 7 Formulation and solution of mass transfer in laminar flow. Development and use of species balance equation
Module 8 Introduction to convective flow, natural convection, relevant examples from heat and mass transfer
Module 9 Boundary Layer concepts, boundary layer thicknesses (disturbance, displacement and momentum), Blasius solution for flow over a flat plate
Module 10 Use of momentum integral equation, turbulent boundary layers, fluid flow about immersed bodies, drag
Module 11 Mathematical treatment of the similarities between heat, mass and momentum transfer, similarity parameters, and relevant analogies
Module 12 Solution of coupled heat, mass and momentum transfer problems based on analogy


1. Transport Phenomena by Bird, Stewart and Lightfoot (Wiley)
2. Transport Phenomena Fundamentals by J. L. Plawsky (CRC Press)
3. Heat and Mass Transfer A Transport Phenomena Approach by K. S. Gandhi (New Age)
4. Fluid Mechanics by R. W. Fox, P. J. Pritchard and A. T. McDonald (Wiley)
5. Introduction to Heat and Mass Transfer by F. P. Incropera and D. P. DeWitt (Wiley)



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