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Course Co-ordinated by IIT Kharagpur
Prof. Gargi Das
IIT Kharagpur


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The course deals with the numerical solution of equations governing fluid flow and would be of interest to engineers and scientists—both aspiring and professional—with chemical/ mechanical/ civil/ aerospace engineering applications. In all these fields, one needs to deal extensively with fluid flow related phenomena and one needs to resolve flow-related features of the processes and equipment. Although the equations governing fluid flow have been formulated more than 150 years ago, it is only in recent years that these are being solved in the practical applications in which the flow occurs. The course deals with the basic techniques that enable the numerical solution of these equations. 

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Module 1 : An introduction to multiphase flow – concept of slip

Module 2 : Flow patterns in macro vis-à-vis microsystems

Module 3 : Slug flow  and process intensification in reduced dimensions

Module 4 : Definition of microchannel based on two phase flow and heat transfer

Module 5 : The  Mesoscale- importance and special features


Module 1 : General experimental techniques for pattern estimation and void fraction measurement

Module 2 : Identification of techniques for microsystems

Module 3 : Flow visualization – advantages and concerns

Module 4 : Impedance probe  and signal analysis

Module 5 : Optical probe and associated data interpretation


Module 1 : Influence of operating parameters – Conduit diameter

Module 2 : Influence of operating parameters – Conduit geometry and orientation

Module 3 : Influence of operating parameters – Wall wettability characteristics& inlet section

Module 4 : Influence of operating parameters – Fluid physical properties

Module 5 : Pressure drop characteristics in microchannels


Module 1 : Analysis of slug flow

Module 2 : Modified analysis for reduced dimensions

Module 3 : Flow boiling heat transfer in microchannels Part -I

Module 4 : Flow boiling heat transfer in microchannels Part -II

Module 5 : Critical heat flux for boiling in microchannels

Basic Knowledge of Fluid Mechanics

Preliminary knowledge of multi-phase flow desirable

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