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Multiphase flow reactors are critically important many industries like, chemical, petroleum, petrochemicals, food, pharmaceuticals etc. The performances of these reactors largely depend on the interactions of different phases involved. In this course basic of Multiphase flow along with different flow regime map and pressure drop, and volume fraction calculation will be covered. Further, the interaction between different phases at different scales will be discussed. Modelling methods used for multiphase flow reactors will be covered. Finally, different type of multiphase flow reactors will be introduced and their functioning, advantage and disadvantages and challenges along with future direction of research will be discussed.




Multiphase flow introduction, Fundamental definitions and terminology used


Flow-pattern map for fluid-fluid (gas-liquid and liquid-liquid) and flow regime map for fluid-solids flows


Pressure drop and Volume fraction calculation for Homogeneous regimes: Using momentum balance equation from equation of motion and empirical correlations


Pressure drop and Volume fraction calculation for Segregated/Separated regimes: Using equation of motion and empirical correlations.


Multiphase Interactions: Drag, lift, virtual mass force, Basset force, one way, two way, three-way and four-way coupling and mathematical formulation of the same.


Modelling Methods for Multiphase Flows: Mixture Model, Euler-Euler Model and Euler-Lagrangian Model


Multiphase Reactors: Bubble Column, Fluidized bed


Multiphase Reactors: Binary Fluidized Bed and Circulating Fluidized bed


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