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Course Co-ordinated by IIT Guwahati
Dr. Raghvendra Gupta
IIT Guwahati


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With the advancement in manufacturing technology in past few decades, the trend towards miniaturization has accelerated in several industries. In chemical process industries, the viability of compact heat exchangers, microreactors for process intensification is being explored because of small diffusion lengths, high interfacial area density and relatively safe operation. Most of these equipments involve multiphase flows and their design requires a fundamental understanding of heat, mass and momentum transport in multiphase flow in microchannels. This course is aimed at introducing the students with the fundamental principles as well as recent developments in the area of multiphase flow at the small scale.




Introduction: Motivation, applications, definitions, size effects


Interfacial Phenomena: Capillarity, wetting and dewetting behavior, Contact line dynamics


Gas liquid and liquid-liquid flow in microchannels: Flow regimes; pressure drop and phase distribution


Transport processes in Taylor Flow in microchannels


Bubble and droplet generation; annular and slug-annular flow regimes


Gas-solid flow in microchannels; Inertial microfluidics; multiphase microreactors


Condesation, evaporation and boiling in microchannels


Experimental and computational techniques to study multiphase flow in microchannels

A basic course in Fluid Mechanics

Two-phase flow, boiling and condensation in conventional and miniature systems, Ghiaasiaan, S. M., 2008, Cambridge University Press.
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