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Course Co-ordinated by IIT Bombay
Prof. Supreet Saini
IIT Bombay


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This course is useful for the determination of metals as ions in ¬μg, ng, pg levels in aqueous and nonaqueous solutions. It has applicability to air pollution, water and solid waste matrices. A emphasis is laid on fundamentals of atomic structure, spectroscopy, instrumentation, method development and industrial applications. The course will be useful for chemists, chemical engineers, metallurgists, biotechnologists and NGOs.

Module Name
Module 1 Introduction to pollution control monitoring and Introduction to atomic structure
Module 2 Interaction of electromagnetic radiation with fundamental particles
Module 3 Instrumentation, for flame, flameless and graphite furnace AAS
Module 4 Mechanism of Atomization
Module 5 Design of atomizers, flame, graphite , hydride generation and Instrumentation of AAS & AES† electronics and optics
Module 6 Techniques of flame AAS, Interferences in flame and non flame AAS
Module 7 Interferences in Hydride generation AAS and cold vapor mercury, Applications of AAS to individual elements.
Module 8 Applications of AAS to individual elements continued, pollution monitoring and environmental sampling and conclusion


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