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Prof. Mukesh Doble
IIT Madras


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A product that is manufactured in a bioreactor or a fermentor, is recovered and purified in several subsequent unit operations. The economy of a manufacturing process is determined by the cost effectiveness of these downstream operations. This course discusses these operations and the basic underlying principles with worked out problems. This course will be useful for UG/PG students in biotechnology/chemical engineering as well as practicing bioprocess and chemical engineers.




Introduction,Mass balance, Heat Balance, flow sheet Costing,Cell Breakage


Solid Liquid Separation,Pre-treatment and Filters/centrifuge,Liquid-Liquid Extraction,Liquid-Liquid extraction (continued)


Adsorption,Reversed micellar and aqueous two phase extraction,Membranes,Membranes (continued)


Precipitation and crystallization,Product stabilization, drying, Lyophilisation,Electrophoresis / SDS PAGE,Chromatography, Chromatography (continued),Chromatography (continued),Chromatography (continued),Future trends, Other downstream operations/Summary of the course

Basics of physics/chemistry/Maths, Mass and heat balance, and thermodynamics

Revise and read books pertaining to down stream processing. Listen to my NPTEL -- 40 hrs lectures" 



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