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Prof. Debabrata Das
IIT Kharagpur


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Biochemical Reaction Engineering is mostly deals with the most complicated life systems as compared to Chemical Reaction Engineering. To describe the behavior of any life system in terms of mathematical form is the basic essence of biochemical reaction engineering. The present course in true sense is an interdisciplinary subject since biologist, physicist, chemist, technologist and mathematician all join hand in hand to develop realistic models. This specialized subject comprises of transport processes, sophisticated advanced control system besides conventional biology, physics and mathematics. Production of biomolecules can be done broadly in two different ways namely, using enzymes and microbial cells. The present course is designed to cater all the above aspects of the subject. Students undergoing this course will be initially able to differentiate between conventional chemical reaction engineering and biochemical reaction engineering. They also develop the expertise to do the design of any biochemical process which will be very much useful for the industries.




Microbiology, Biochemistry and Bioproducts


Stoichiometry and Thermodynamics of biochemical reactions


Kinetics of homogeneous chemical reactions


Different types of bioreactors and reactor analysis


Kinetics of enzyme catalyzed reactions using free enzymes


Kinetics of enzyme catalyzed reactions using immobilized enzymes


Kinetics of substrate utilization, product formation and biomass production of microbial cells


Kinetics of substrate utilization, product formation and biomass production of microbial cells


Design and analysis of activated sludge process and anaerobic digester. Scale up of bioreactor


Transport phenomenon in bioprocess


Air and medium sterilization


Operation and Process control, Downstream processing, Economic analysis of biochemical processes and summary & conclusion

Mathematics in 10+2

1. Chemical Reaction Engineering, Octave LevenspielĀ 
2. Biochemical Engineering Fundamentals by Bailey and OllisĀ 
3. Bioprocess Engineering Principles by DoranĀ 
4. Bioprocess Engineering Basic Concepts by Shular and Kargi&



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