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Course Co-ordinated by IIT Kharagpur
Prof. Debabrata Das
IIT Kharagpur


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The course aims to provide fundamental insights to exploit enzymes and microbes for the manufacturing of products which have a huge industrial significance. It uniquely blends the science and engineering with various biochemical processes to obtain products of diverse fields such as chemicals, food, bio-energy etc. The course introduces bioreactors, its types, operation methods and provides an experimental demonstration of the same. Strategies to obtain higher yields, design of the reactors and production of bio-fuels from microbes are thoroughly explained. Students of various disciplines such as biotechnology, chemical engineering, food engineering, and pharmaceutical industries can be benefited from the course as it discusses the existing bio-process applications such as wine and cheese making, antibiotics and vaccines etc.The course majorly focuses on the applications and allows students to gain practical knowledge rather than mere theory. Major bottlenecks for the operation of biochemical industries will be discussed.

Module Name
Module 1 Introduction, Microbes and enzymes of industrial importance
Module 2 Different types of bioreactors and bioreactor design
Module 3 Microbial growth, substrate degradation and product formation kinetics, Tutorial 1
Module 4 Instrumentation, Sterilization of air, media and reactor
Module 5 Upstream and Downstream processing,
Module 6 Production of OxychemicalsI: Tax and non-tax alcohol, Brewing industry, Tutorial 2
Module 7 Production of Oxychemicals II Wine making, Vinegar and citric acid production, Tutorial 3
Module 8 Production of Oxychemicals III Antibiotics: Penicillin; Streptomycin
Module 9 High fructose corn syrup, Cheese making, and Single cell production
Module 10 Vaccines production and Metal leaching
Module 11 Bioenergy- Gaseous fuels: Biohydrogen, Biomethane and Microbial fuel cell; Liquid fuels: Bioethanol, Biodiesel and Biobutanol
Module12 Aerobic and Anaerobic wastewater treatment processes, Tutorial 4


1.Industrial Microbiology by Samuel Cate Prescott and Cecil Gordon Dunn;
2.Biochemical Engineering Fundamentals by Bailey and Ollis
3.Bioprocess Engineering Principles by Doran
4. Bioprocess Engineering Basic Concepts by Shular and Kargi
5. Biochemical Engineering by Blanch and Clark
6.Biochemical Engineering by Aiba, Humphrey and Millis
7.A textbook of Industrial Microbiology by WulfCrueger and Anneliese Cruegen



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