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Course Co-ordinated by IIT Kanpur
S. Ganesh
IIT Kanpur


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The objective of this course is to introduce undergraduate and postgraduate students to the different aspects of professional science communication including written and oral communication, and publication ethics in research.




Introduction to Professional Scientific Communication, Discussion of creativity, research ideas and where to find them, Inductive reasoning versus deductive reasoning


†Hypothesis, reasoning and testing the hypothesis, Peer review process, Structure of a scientific report


Structure of a Research article, Title, abstract, methods, results, and discussion


Structure of a Research article contd., Schematic diagrams, figures, tables and flow charts Ė rationale and usage, Ethics in biomedical research, Different forms of writing: scientific report, proposal, and reviews, Presentations-thumb rules and good practice

Basic level of understanding on concept and methodology in scientific research

Mostly publically available literature. Will be shared with the participants during the launch of the course.



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