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Proteins are the key effectors of any living system and are largely responsible for the functioning of a cell. Intricate cell signaling and molecular triggers are dependent on interactions involving proteins at the cellular level. It is due to this very reason that, in an age where clinical biology is thriving to make an impact in global health-care and biomedical diagnostics, there has been a surge of interest in the area of Interactomics. Interactomics essentially involves the study of interactions between biomolecules, particularly proteins and the consequences of those interactions in a biosystem.

This course of interactomics focuses on two powerful platforms: 1. Protein microarrays and 2. Label free biosensors involving Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) and Biolayer Interferometry (BLI).

While the former is a high-throughput tool for discovery-based interactomics, the later is proving itself to be an instrumental resource for validation based studies. This course details the overlapping domains of proteomics and interactomics, which form the focus of researchers making an impact in the clinical biomarker and pharmaceutical arena across the globe. Students would benefit hugely from this unique course-model designed for budding scientists as well as seasoned researchers new to this area of research




Introduction to Interactomics


Basics of SPR: Experimental design


Protein-small molecule interaction study: Kinetic analysis


Kinetic analysis of protein-protein interaction using BLI


 High throughputplatforms of interactomics: Protein arrays


Cell-free synthesis based protein microarrays: PISA and NAPPA


Application of cell free expression protein microarrays in immunological studies


Application of protein microarray in biomarker discovery-I

B.Sc. Or M.Sc.The target audiences of this course are required to have a basic biology and biochemistry background.l




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