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This course will provide detailed, state of the art understanding of chemical kinetics, flames, turbulence and turbulent combustion, followed by discussions on modern aero engine combustors and how they optimize the above processes. Therefore, after successful completion of the course, the student should be well versed with the understanding of the complex, physico-chemical processes in modern air-breathing aero engines. This should allow him/her to model, design and improve combustorstowards more efficient engines. Senior B. Tech, M. Tech, Ph. D students in academia and professionals working at industrial research labs, government or private, with basic background in combustion and fluid mechanics should benefit from this course.

Module Name
Module 1 Chemical Thermodynamics
Module 2 Chemical Kinetics Theory
Module 3 Fuel Oxidation Mechanisms
Module 4 Non Premixed Flames
Module 5 Premixed Flames
Module 6 Limit Phenomena
Module 7 Turbulence and Introduction to Turbulent Combustion
Module 8 Turbulent Non-Premixed Combustion
Module 9 Turbulent Premixed Combustion
Module 10 Gas Turbine Combustors
Module 11 Afterburners, Ramjets and Combustion Dynamics
Module 12 12    Scramjet Combustors


1. Combustion Physics by C. K. Law, Cambridge 2006.
2. Turbulent Combustion by N. Peters, Cambridge 2000.
3. Unsteady Combustor Physics by T. Lieuwen, Cambridge 2012.
4. Turbulent Flows by S. B. Pope, Cambridge, 2000.
5. Gas Turbine Combustion by A. Lefebvre, CRC Press, 1998
. The Scramjet Engine by C. Segal, Cambridge, 2009 7. Recent review literature



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