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Course Co-ordinated by IIT Kanpur
Dr. A.K. Ghosh
IIT Kanpur


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This course is designed to understand stability and control aspects of an airplane. This course will also help in creating a background to design an airplane from stability and control aspects. 

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Overview of aerodynamics and atmosphere
a. Wing stall and maximum lift coefficient.
b. Wing aerodynamic center & pitching moment.


Static stability & control
a. Introduction to static and dynamic stability
b. Longitudinal static stability
i. Wing contribution
ii. Tail contribution
iii. Canard – forward tail surface
iv. Fuselage contribution
v. Stick fixed neutral point and static margin
vi. Downwash angle on aft tail
c. Longitudinal control
i. Elevator effectiveness
ii. Elevator angle of trim
iii. Flight measurement of Xnp
iv. Elevator hinge moment
v. Stick forces (trim tab & stick force gradient)
d. Directional control
i. Roll stability and roll control
ii. Yaw stability and yaw control


Aircraft Equations of motion
a. Newton’s second law of rigid dynamics
b. Axes system and relevant transforms
c. Euler angle formula
d. 6 DoF equations of motion
e. Aerodynamic, gravitational and thrust forces
f. Linearized equations of motion
g. Force and moment derivatives


Linearized longitudinal dynamics
a. 2nd order differential equations and Eigen value problems
b. Short period approximation
c. Long period approximation
d. Pure pitching motion


Linearized lateral dynamics
a. Lateral motion : Linearized coupled motion
b. Roll approximation
c. Spiral approximation
d. Dutch roll approximation
e. Pure rolling
f. Pure yawing
g. Inertia coupling


Stability augmentation system
a. Longitudinal
b. Lateral - directional
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