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Basic Principles of Propulsion, Historical background, Conservation Equations, Review of  basic thermodynamics, Review of compressible flow;  Quasi One dimensional flow, Normal shock, Oblique shock, Rayleigh flow, Fanno flow, Air intake, Nozzle flow, Boundary layer flow,
Elements of combustion: Introduction  to  combustion; thermochemistry, Adiabatic temperature, premixed Flame and Diffusion Flame, Droplet combustion
Jet engines:  Thrust expressions and performance parameters
Gas turbine ideal cycle analysis of ramjet, turbojet, turbofan and turboprop engines;
Performance characteristics of various components of gas turbine engines: air-intake, compressor, combustor, turbine, and nozzle; Gas turbine Real cycle analysis
Elements of Rocket Engine; Introduction rocket propulsion, classification of rocket engines, rocket engine performance, Types of propellant, Propellant and its composition, rocket engine nozzle and its performance;  Solid rocket engine, liquid rocket engines and hybrid rocket engine




Basic principles of Propulsion


Historical background, Classification of propulsive devices, Applications of aircraft and rocket engines


Review of  basic thermodynamics, Introduction to fluid flow


Conservation Equations,


Introduction to compressible flow


Quasi-One dimensional flow


Nozzle Flow, Normal and Oblique shock,


Rayleigh flow, Fanno Flow


Elements of combustion: thermochemistry, Adiabatic temperature, Chemical Equilibrium,


Premixed Flame and flame stabilization


Jet Diffusion flame and droplet combustion


Thrust expressions and performance parameters


Ideal cycle analysis of ramjet, turbojet, turbofan and turboprop engines


Real cycle analysis of ramjet, turbojet, turbofan and turboprop engines


Chemical rocket engines: solid rocket engine, liquid rocket engines and hybrid rocket engine

  • Thermodynamics
  • Gas dynamics

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