Karthikeyan Swaminathan

Intern Details


: Karthikeyan Swaminathan

  Intern Id

: IND420992

  Organisation Name

: PSG College of Technology


: Bachelors of Technology


: Biotechnology

  Internship Institute

: IIT Madras

  Course Instructor

: Prof. Varadhan

  Start Date

: 2019-01-21

  End Date

: 2019-02-03

Work Done

I worked in the domain of statistics and research methodology..I was given the task of plotting graphs using the software, OriginPro. I learned some statistical tools and I employed them for doing some statistical analysis using R Programming language. I was also involved in the proofreading of the transcripts for the videos of the course "Neuroscience of Human Movement" through which I regained the concepts that I had learned previously. Most importantly, I gained communication skills by interacting with my lab partners and gained an idea of how research is being conducted.