Intern Details



  Intern Id

: IND349343

  Organisation Name

: Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College


: B.Tech


: Information Technology

  Internship Institute

: IIT Ropar

  Course Instructor

: Prof S.R.S Iyengar

  Start Date

: 2018-12-24

  End Date

: 2019-02-04

Work Done

a. Firstly, I understood how Wikipedia works.

b. Secondly, how the entropy of the factoids decreases with the addition of each revision.

c. Thirdly, proved that the distance of a factoid decreases with the addition of each revision, I have conducted the test on huge data set of 2709 articles of 108 gigabytes

d. Fourthly, web scrapping of codechef discussion data and Wikipedia promotion dates of different articles between 2008 January and 2018 July.

e. Fifthly, how to work with hcp servers.

Lastly, I would like to thank the whole NPTEL team for providing me this opportunity of internship, it was really a awesome experience from my side.