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Course Name: Introduction to Solid State Physics

Course abstract

The course deals with introducing concepts of condensed matter physics to advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students. The course will be pitched at the level of a first year course in MSc in Physics. For this course, an exposure to undergraduate level of: (a) quantum mechanics, (b) statistical and thermal physics and (c) electromagnetic theory, is expected for this course. It is hoped that through this course, the student will understand the quantum theory of solids which is used to describe the thermal and electrical properties of a solid. The student will explore the interaction of a solid with electromagnetic radiation like X-rays and how this can be used to understand the atomic crystal structure of the solid. During the course the student will be exposed to some experiments related to probing various properties of solid

Course Instructor

Prof. Manoj Harbola

I am a faculty member in the department of Physics at IIT Kanpur; Professor (2012 onwards); Associate Professor (2007 - 2012) and Assistant Professor (2004 - 2007).I was a feinberg postdoctoral fellow : Between 2000 - 2004, in the Dept. of condensed matter physics at Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel.Ph.D.-2000, obtained my Ph.D degree from the Department of Condensed matter physics and materials science, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, India.Being an experimental condensed matter physicist, one of my major interests lies in trying to develop different imaging techniques for use as an experimental tools. At IIT Kanpur we have developed a high sensitivity magneto-optical imaging setup which is the only setup of its kind in India. The setup is being used to optically image the distribution of magnetic field with high sensitivity, inside a variety of materials ranging from superconductors to magnetic materials. The aim is to understand the magnetic and transport properties of some of the above materials and their novel hetero structures. Apart from my interest in imaging as applied to different topics in condenser matter physics , we are also interested in seeking novel routes towards making nano structured materials and developing new tools for investigating their properties at low dimensions. Some of my other interests lie in investigating the equilibrium as well as non-equilibrium phases of vortex matter in superconductors, behavior of superconductivity and magnetism under extreme conditions viz., of strong confinement or high magnetic fields, hetero structures of superconducting and magnetic materials as well as the competition of these two phenomena in natural systems.

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Prof. Satyajit Banerjee

Dr. Manoj Kumar Harbola He joined the Department in 2000. He obtained his doctoral degree at the City University of New York, USA, working under the supervision of Prof. Viraht Sahni. Subsequently he carried out postdoctoral research at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA before joining the Centre for Advanced Technology, Indore as a Scientist.He is a theoretical physicist , whose chief interest lies in Electronic Structure of Atoms, Molecules and Solids using Density Functional Methods.

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Teaching Assistant(s)




Ph.D. , Physics

Sayantan Ghosh

PhD, Physics

Bhavya Mishra

PhD, Physics

Ankit Kumar

PhD, Physics

 Course Duration : Jan-Apr 2019

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 Enrollment : 15-Nov-2018 to 28-Jan-2019

 Exam registration : 28-Jan-2019 to 19-Apr-2019

 Exam Date : 28-Apr-2019, 28-Apr-2019