Course Name: Solar Photovoltaics: Principles, Technologies & Materials

Course abstract

This course is an introductory course on solar photovoltaics materials and devices covering basic physics of materials as well as devices, various solar photovoltaic technologies and their status with a brief discussion of the fabrication aspects of the devices followed by discussion of the pending materials and technologies issues and measurement techniques.

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Prof.Ashish Garg

Ashish Garg is Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at IIT Kanpur. Details of his research and teaching can be accessed on
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 Course Duration : Jan-Mar 2019

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 Enrollment : 15-Nov-2018 to 28-Jan-2019

 Exam registration : 28-Jan-2019 to 22-Mar-2019

 Exam Date : 31-Mar-2019, 31-Mar-2019