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Course Name: Forest Biometry

Course abstract

This course aims to provide an overview of the methods of measuring the tree resources present in the forest. Going by the adage "whatever cannot be measured, cannot be managed," the estimation of the tree resources becomes crucial for managing a forest. It is important whether the forests are to be managed for commercial purposes such as wood production and energy production, or for non-commercial purposes. Forest biometry forms the foundation for the preparation of working plans that are technical documents for the working of any forest in India. The course will not only focus on the theories of measurement, but shall also provide an overview of the instrumentation basics of various equipments used for the purpose.

Course Instructor

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Prof. Mainak Das

Prof.Mainak Das is a faculty of IIT Kanpur India in the department of biological sciences & bioengineering since April 26 2010. He did his bachelors degree (1989-1994) in agriculture from College of Agriculture Indore. Thereafter he did his post graduate degree (1994-1997) in animal physiology from National Dairy Research Institute Karnal India. Following his post graduate studies, he worked as researcher in IISc Bangalore India (1997-1999), University of Neuchatel, Switzerland (1999-2000), University of Clemson, USA (2000-2004) and in University of Central Florida, USA (2004-2010). He did his doctoral studies from College of Medicine of University of Central Florida (2004-2008), while working as a full time employee of the university. He introduced the regular physiology course for the PG students in IIT Kanpur in 2011. He has wide interest in physiology, sensors, energy and bioelectronics and maintains an active research team at IT Kanpur, India. Prof. Das has been working on cell culture technologies, serum free medium development and defined cell culture systems for last 20 years. He has expertise in long term culturing of excitable cells. His doctoral thesis is a complex problem of modern cell culture technology, titled Tissue Engineering The Motoneuron To Muscle Segment Of The Stretch Reflex Arc Circuit Utilizing Micro-fabrication,Interface Design And Defined Medium Formulation

More info
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Dr. Ankur Awadhiya,

Dr. Ankur Awadhiya (B. Tech IIT Kanpur 2009, Ph. D IIT Kanpur 2015, AIGNFA IGNFA Dehradun 2016) is an IFS officer borne on the Madhya Pradesh cadre. His interests include photography, tourism, research, instrumentation and creative literary pursuits.

Teaching Assistant(s)

Bushara Fatma

Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering

 Course Duration : Feb-Apr 2019

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 Enrollment : 15-Nov-2018 to 25-Feb-2019

 Exam registration : 25-Feb-2019 to 19-Apr-2019