Course Name: Control System Design

Course abstract

The course exposes students to control design for continuous-time linear time-invariant (LTI) systems. The course focuses primarily on using Laplace and frequency-domain techniques. It discusses design of 1-degree of freedom (i.e., single controller) and 2-degree of freedom control systems for Single Input-Single Output (SISO) plants, using a range of tools including Nyquist plots, Bode plots, Evans plots (root locus), and Nichols plots. It also discusses the fundamental limits associated with control design and the related trade-offs that need to be made during design.

Course Instructor

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G. R. Jayanth

G. R. Jayanth obtained his B. Tech from IIT Madras in 2002, MS and PhD from The Ohio State University in 2004 and 2008 respectively, all in Mechanical Engineering. Since 2010 he has been with Indian Institute of Science where he is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Instrumentation and Applied Physics. His research interests include precision motion measurement and control, nanometrology and manipulation, scanning probe microscopy, micro-robotics and optical sensors.
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Teaching Assistant(s)

Lavanya SB

BE in Electrical & Electronics





Vikrant Kumar Singh



Mr. Sumukha V Udupa

B.E., Electrical and Electronics Engineering


Sumukha V Udupa

B.E., Electrical and Electronics Engineering


 Course Duration : Jul-Oct 2018

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 Enrollment : 18-Apr-2018 to 30-Jul-2018