Course Name: Advanced Materials and Processes

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Introduction and classification of structural and functional materials; High Temperature Materials: Structure, Processing, mechanical behaviour and oxidation resistance of Stainless Steels, Ni- and Co- Based Superalloys, Aluminides and Silicides, Carbon-Carbon and Ceramic Composites; Shape-Memory Alloys: Mechanisms of One-way and Two-way Shape Memory Effect, Reverse Transformation, Thermoelasticity and Psuedoelasticity, Examples and Applications; Bulk Metallic Glass: Criteria for glass formation and stability, Examples and mechanical behaviour; Nano-materials: Classification, size effect on structural and functional properties, Processing and properties of nanocrystalline materials, thin films and multilayered coatings, single walled and multiwalled carbon nanotubes; Soft and hard magnetic materials for storage devices: Design and Processing; Piezoelectric Materials: Processing and Properties; Advanced Processes applied for Advanced Materials: Single Crystal Growth, Rapid Solidification, Inert Gas Condensation, Physical and Chemical Vapour Deposition of Thin Films

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Jayanta Das

Dr. Jayanta Das is working as a faculty member since 2010 at IIT Kharagpur. His research activities have mainly encompassed the areas of alloy design, processing of bulk metallic glasses and their composites by rapid solidification and mechanical alloying, high entropy alloys and synthesis of bulk nanostructured alloys by cryo-rolling, their characterization, structure-property correlations, micromechanics of deformation of these advanced metastable alloys. Dr. Das has to his credit more than 120 research publications in peer-reviewed journals of international repute.He was the recipient of DAAD Fellowship in 2002, and Marie Curie Fellowship in 2004. He has been awarded Institute Silver Medal and Greaves Foseco Cash Prize of IIT Kharagpur in 2003, Young Scientist Award of German Society of Materials Research in 2006, Deutsche Bank Junior Award in 2009 (IFW Dresden,Germany), and IEI Young Engineers Award of Institution of Engineers India in 2012.
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Parijat Pallab Jana

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 Course Duration : Jul-Oct 2018

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 Enrollment : 18-Apr-2018 to 30-Jul-2018