Course Name: Principles of Polymer Synthesis

Course abstract

This course will introduce and discuss the basic principles of polymer chemistry. Specifically,it will stress upon the fundamentals of important polymerization reactions (emphasis on step polymerization and radical polymerization) and the principles that govern the structure of the resulting polymers. Synthesis and structure-property relation of several industrially important polymers will be discussed illustrating the applications of these principles. The course will also contain an introduction tobasic chemical reactor design principles.

Course Instructor

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Prof. Rajat K Das

Rajat K. Das is an Assistant Professor at Materials Science Centre, IIT Kharagpur. His research interests include smart stimuli responsive polymeric materials and multiple network hydrogels. He is taking the course \u2018Manufacture of Industrial Polymers\u2019 for 1st year MTech students of the centre.

Teaching Assistant(s)


PhD., Materials Science


Ph.D, Material science centre

 Course Duration : Feb-Mar 2018

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 Enrollment : 20-Nov-2017 to 05-Feb-2018

 Exam Date : 28-Apr-2018, 29-Apr-2018