Course Name: Design for Quality, Manufacturing and Assembly

Course abstract

In the context of product design, it is very important to appreciate the limitations of a design from manufacturing and assembly perspective and to produce high quality products at low cost. This course will introduce methods that can provide guidance to design teams in simplifying product structure to reduce manufacturing and assembly costs, quantify improvements and how robust design concepts can be used for ensuring quality. This course aims at introducing the need to account for variability, mathematically represent it, formulate it and control it. Concepts such as quality, robustness, six sigma and orthogonal array will be discussed.

Course Instructor

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Prof.Palaniappan Ramu

Prof. Palaniappan Ramu’s research interest revolves around optimization and treating uncertainties in product and process design to obtain reliable, robust and quality designs. Most of his work is focused on reduction of computer or physical experiments, building better metamodels, intelligently explore design space and enable better predictions and optimal designs under uncertainties.
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Prof.G. Saravana Kumar

Prof. Saravana kumar is interested in development of representational and computational tools for virtual and physical prototyping applied to arrive at solutions to design problems. Some of the specific research areas include CAD and 3D data acquisition technologies: geometrical modelling schemes, X-ray tomography, photogrammetry and image-based modelling systems, and rapid prototyping
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 Course Duration : Aug-Sep 2018

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 Enrollment : 18-Apr-2018 to 06-Aug-2018