Course Name: Advances in Welding and Joining Technologies

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The progress of several welding and joining processes is ever increasing with the development of new materials and their application in modern technologies. The microjoining and nanojoining is even more challenging area with the development of miniature components. This course is primarily designed from fundamental understanding to the most recent advances in welding and joining technologies. The syllabus is oriented to the advancement of the joining technologies which is different from conventional welding and joining processes. The modules cover almost all the direction of joining technologies and it is blended with fundamental development to the recent technologies. Audience will be able to develop fundamental understanding on different perspective and recent development in this field through the lectures and reinforce their knowledge by solving assignments. This course is presented in a lucid and simplified way to make it enjoyable to the beginners.

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Dr. Swarup Bag

Prof. Swarup BagThe broad area of instructor\u2019s teaching and research interest is materials and manufacturing processes through computational models and experiments. The instructor completed his Ph.D on \u201cDevelopment of bi-directional heat transfer and fluid flow model for reliable design of GTA and laser welding processes\u201d from Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. Later he has worked at the Center for Material Forming (CEMEF), MINES Paris Tech, France in Metallurgy, Structure and Rheology (MSR) group. Soon after post-doctoral research experience, he joined in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati as a faculty member. His primary area of research is fundamental process modeling of welding and joining technologies, optimization of manufacturing processes and recrystallization in metal forming processes. Dr. Bag has published about 43 journal papers, 38 Conference papers, and 8 book chapters related to welding and joining processes. He is the author of the book \u2018Computational models for GTA and laser welding processes\u2019 and recipient of \u2018Royal Arc Award 2009\u2019 from Indian Institute of Welding for the best PhD thesis in welding. The instructor is involved in teaching the subjects like \u2018Physics of Manufacturing Processes\u2019, \u2018Engineering Materials\u2019, \u2018Mechanical Behavior of Materials\u2019 and \u2018Manufacturing Technology\u2019 at IIT Guwahati. The subjects broadly covers the mechanical metallurgy, theory of plasticity, heat transfer in welding and machining processes, crystallography, dislocation mechanism, phase diagram and phase transformation and solidification.

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PhD, Mechanical Engineering


Phd, Mechanical Engineering


Research Scholar, Mechanical Engineering

Swagat Dwibedi

PhD, Mechanical Engineering

 Course Duration : Feb-Mar 2018

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 Enrollment : 20-Nov-2017 to 05-Feb-2018

 Exam Date : 28-Apr-2018, 29-Apr-2018