Course Name: Problem Solving through Programming in C

Course abstract

This course is aimed at enabling the students to • formulate simple algorithms for arithmetic and logical problems • translate the algorithms to programs (in C language) • test and execute the programs and correct syntax and logical errors • implement conditional branching, iteration and recursion • decompose a problem into functions and synthesize a complete program using divide and conquer approach • use arrays, pointers and structures to formulate algorithms and programs • apply programming to solve matrix addition and multiplication problems and searching and sorting problems • apply programming to solve simple numerical method problems, namely rot finding of function, differentiation of function and simple

Course Instructor

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Prof. Anupam Basu

Anupam Basu is Professor in the Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering, IIT Kharagpur, and has been an active researcher in the areas of Cognitive and Intelligent Systems, Embedded Systems and Language Processing, Presently he is acting as the Chairman and Head of the Center for Educational Technology, IIT Kharagpur. He has developed several embedded system based tools empowering the physically challenged and has led several national projects in the area.He has taught at the University of California, Irvine at the Center for Embedded Systems. He is an Alexander von Humboldt Fellow and a Fellow of the Indian National Academy of Engineering. The awards won by him include the State Award for the Best Contribution to the Cause of Empowerment of the Disabled (2014), Universal Design Award 2011, for contributions in design for the disabled, by National Council for Promotion of Employment of Disabled Persons, India, the National Award for the Best Technology Innovation for the Physically Disabled (2007) and the Da-Vinci Award 2004 from the Engineering Society of Detroit.

Teaching Assistant(s)

Apurba Adhikary



Pradip Kumar Barik

M.Tech in Communication Engineering


 Course Duration : Jul-Oct 2018

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 Enrollment : 18-Apr-2018 to 30-Jun-2018