Course Name: Introduction to Polymer Physics

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Polymer physics is important to understand the structure-property relation in polymers. An understanding of the structural features and interactions responsible for polymer properties can aid in tuning the desirable properties. This introductory course will discuss the models for ideal polymer chains, and thermodynamics of polymer solutions and blends, focusing on miscibility. The course will also cover the different methods to measure polymer molar mass, which has a strong effect on polymer properties. The physics of branching and network formation will be introduced with reference to branched polymers, dendrimers and cross-linked polymers. The course will also discuss mechanical properties of polymers with focus on viscoelasticity and rubber elasticity. Finally, a brief introduction to polymer dynamics will be provided.

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Prof.Amit Kumar

Dr. Amit Kumar is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at IIT Guwahati. His research interests include molecular modeling and simulation, polymers and polymer nanocomposites, and gas adsorption and transport in porous materials. He completed his BTech from IIT Kharagpur and PhD from University of Delaware, USA in Chemical Engineering. He has been teaching an elective course on Polymer Science and Technology to senior undergraduates, Master’s and PhD students at IIT Guwahati for two years.
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Surendra Singh Gaur



Narendren S



 Course Duration : Aug-Sep 2018

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 Enrollment : 18-Apr-2018 to 06-Aug-2018

 Exam registration : 10-Oct-2017 to 10-Oct-2017