Course Name: WildLife Conservation

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Conservation of wildlifeisimportant, notonlybecauseanimalslike pandas are cute, oranimalsliketigerorelephant are majestic, and wewanttohavethemwithus itisalsoimportantfortheprovisioning of severalecosystemservices and theproperworking of theecosystemitself, of whichwetoo are a part. In thiscourse, weshalldiscusstheseveralfacets of wildlifeconservation, includingitsimportance and thethreatsbeingfaced, and alsohowthey are beingmanaged in thefield. Weshall explore howto capture wild animals, howtotreatthemwhenneeded, howtomanagetheirhabitats and theirpopulations, and so on. We Will use the case studyapproachwith real-lifeexamplesfromthefieldtoget a betterunderstanding of thisfield and itsapplications.

Course Instructor

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Dr. Ankur Awadhiya, I.F.S

Dr. Ankur Awadhiya (B. Tech IIT Kanpur 2009, Ph. D IIT Kanpur 2015, AIGNFA IGNFA Dehradun 2016) isan IFS officer borne onthe Madhya Pradesh cadre. Hisinterestsincludephotography, tourism, research, instrumentation and creativeliterarypursuits
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Bushara Fatma



 Course Duration : Aug-Oct 2018

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 Enrollment : 18-Apr-2018 to 27-Aug-2018