Course Name: Biomicrofluidics

Course abstract

This course will be unique to the discipline of Biotechnology as it deals with cutting-edge research and development in the interfacial areas of Biology and Mechanical engineering. The understanding of any subject in its entirety is often incomplete without language and tools derived from other disciplines. Microfluidics is an avenue of Mechanical Engineering which today, is not only helping in the understanding of diseases from an engineering perspective, but also aiding in the development of cheap, portable, diagnostic platforms that can predict whether a person is carrying a disease, even from a small drop of body fluid, at the remotest of locations. This amalgamated discipline, called Biomicrofluidics, which is presently revolutionizing the field of medical diagnostics and mechanobiology, needs to be exposed to the fertile minds of the future generations to draw them towards research in this field and contribute to the society.

Course Instructor

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Tapas Kumar Maiti

Biochemist working for more than two decades on natural anti-cancer lectins, immunomodulatory mushroom glucans, tissue engineering, biomicrofluidics-based understanding of cancer progression, as well as development of microfluidic chip-based cancer-screening devices and drug-testing models.
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Suman Chakraborty

Expert in fluid mechanics with specialization in microfluidics, presently working towards exploiting microscale transport phenomena for the development of inexpensive chip-based extreme point-of-care diagnostic kits.
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Teaching Assistant(s)

Joyjyoti Das

M.Tech (Biotechnology)


Sayan Das



 Course Duration : Aug-Sep 2018

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 Enrollment : 18-Apr-2018 to 27-Aug-2018