• What is NPTEL?
  • What is NOC?
    • Where do I get information about up-coming certification courses?
    • I just came to know that an online course that I wanted to join has concluded its run. Is there any chance of this course being offered again?
    • How do I enroll/join for an NPTEL online course?
    • Is there a fee to join/register for an online course?
    • What is the eligibility criterion for registering for an online course?
    • How old should I be to register for an online course?
    • Can I enroll/join for more than one course at a time?
    • Enrolled for a course but now I want to withdraw from this course and join another course. How should I do this?
    • I have enrolled for an online course. What is the next step?
    • It is difficult to watch all the videos online. Can I download notes for these video lectures?
    • If I were to suggest a particular subject/topic for an NPTEL online course, will you take that into consideration?
    • How will I come to know about assignments and deadlines?
    • How do I find out my score in each assignment?
    • Will there be self-assessment assignments?
    • Will the score that I get for the assignment(s) be counted along with my exam marks for the final score?
    • I may not be able to submit all the assignments. Will this hinder my final score?
    • What if I have limited internet access? How do I watch videos online?
    • How will these online courses fit into my curriculum?
    • I live outside India. Can I still enroll for NPTEL online courses?
    • I live outside India. Can I take the certification exam?

  • Fees
  • Certification Exam
    • How do I register for the online exam?
    • Since it is an online exam, can I take the exam from home on any day/date?
    • Due to other commitments, I cannot appear for the exam on the date you had prescribed. Can I take the same exam on another date?
    • I registered for one online certification exam, but I’ve changed my mind. Now I want to register for another exam on the same day. Can I change it?
    • Can I register for more than one online exam?
    • If I request for any specific city as exam centre that is not already in your list, will you agree to that?
    • I made on-line payment for the exam. How do I know for sure that the processing was successful and I'll get an Admit Card for the exam?

  • Post Exam
    • Will you upload the answers to the questions that we attempted during the online exam(s)? If so,when?
    • When will the exam results be published?
    • I want to contest my exam score. How would I do this?
    • When can I expect to receive the hard copy of my certificate?
    • Will I receive a certificate showing my exam score?
    • I have an up-coming job interview and I need to show the potential employer my certificate. But I have not received the hard copy of my certificate yet. Can you help me out?
    • I have shifted my residence to another location recently. Will you please arrange to send the hard copy of my certificate to the new address?
    • There are mistakes in my certificate. How do I get these errors corrected?

  • Refunds
    • After registering for an online exam, I realized that I cannot take the exam on that date. Will you refund my money? If so, how soon should I notify you?
    • I registered for an online certification exam, but I’ve changed my mind. Now I want to withdraw from this exam. Will you refund my money?

  • Important Links
NPTEL is an acronym for National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning which is an initiative by seven Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT Bombay, Delhi, Guwahati, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Madras and Roorkee) and Indian Institute of Science (IISc) for creating course contents in engineering and science. NPTEL provides E-learning through online Web and Video courses in Engineering, Science and humanities streams.
NOC stands for NPTEL Online Certification. NPTEL has started offering online certification courses through its portal https://onlinecourses.nptel.ac.in. There are 10 hours, 20 hour as well as 40 hour courses offered twice a year.
Please go to the following link http://nptel.ac.in/noc/ for information on NPTEL online certification courses.
Depending upon the demand of students and logistics, NPTEL may offer the course again. Kindly keep checking our website for latest news.
Step 1 – Go to the following link - https://onlinecourses.nptel.ac.in
Step 2 – Click on the tab "Login" seen on the top right-hand corner.
Step 3 - Use a google account enabled email id to login.
Step 4 – Choose your desired course and click on the Join button or Click on the course to see the Introduction page of the course and if interested, click on the "Register" button.
Step 5 – If the course has content uploaded, you will now be able to see it.
Once these steps are carried out, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.
No. joining/enroling for an NPTEL online course is free. The videos and associated study material may also be downloaded for free. Learning from the course, submitting assignments, participating in the discussion forum is free. To write the final exam, you need to pay a nominal fee.
There is no specific eligibility criterion for any of the NPTEL online courses. The faculty of a particular course may recommend some basic knowledge of certain topics for a person to fully grasp the contents of a course.
Anyone 13 yrs and above may join an online course.
You may enroll/join for as many online courses that you like. For the number of exams that can be written, if we have 2 dates, then you can give exams for 2 courses.
For withdrawing from a course to which you have enrolled, login to the https://onlinecourses.nptel.ac.in portal using your email id used to enroll to the course. Click on the email id seen on the right top of the page. You will get a drop down in which there will be an option to unenroll from the course. To join another course, just go to the course you are interested in and click Register button.
Those who have enrolled for a course will receive a confirmation welcome mail. After that, when the course begins and the weekly lessons are released, you will be notified via e-mail. Also, any news, announcements, etc. will be posted in the Announcement Page of the course. You can now start watching the videos. Please keep checking your course page for updates.
Yes. For certain online courses, the text transcription of the video material has been made available for free download at the following link.http://textofvideo.nptel.iitm.ac.in/Please click on Courses. Here, you may search for your desired course and download PDF, MP3 or SRT files. If you do not find your choice of course in that list, please understand that the transcription work is in progress. Kindly bear with us.
We will most definitely take a note of your suggestion and consider that while designing future online certification courses.
All announcements and other vital information are posted in the Announcement page of the course. Also,e-mail and sms alerts will be sent periodically.
Your score will be posted online as soon as you submit the assignment. Using your unique password and log in id, you may check your score any time you like.
Yes. Certain online courses will have these types of assignments. These are meant only for assessing your learning from the course. Typically, these assessments will not carry any marks. The answers for such assignments will also be posted in the course page. Please note that the faculty decides on the type of assignments for each course.
Yes, the assignment scores also contribute to the overall score. The faculty will decide the percentage contribution of the assignments.
See answer to the previous question. The final score may be affected if the faculty member announces that the assignment scores are going to be counted. But this will not hamper your writing the certification exam.
You may download the videos and watch them offline. We have files of smaller formats - flv and 3gp -available at http://nptel.ac.in website where the same content will be posted. Also, for certain courses, transcripts are available which are relatively smaller in file size and easier to download. MP3 files (audio) of all online courses are also made available. Please go to the following link to access these files for free. http://textofvideo.nptel.iitm.ac.in/
You have to check with your college/Univerisity if they will take this into consideration and incorporate it into your certificate.
Yes. You may enroll for any online course no matter where you live and go through the course material.
No. Currently, we do not have any provision to conduct certification exams outside India.
NPTEL has begun the initiative of certification for online courses so that students may see tangible end result in the form of a certificate, from the Centre for Continuing Education, IIT for their effort.
For candidates enrolled in a course, a link will be published for exam registration. Kindly follow the guidelines posted there.
No. Certification exams will be conducted on two consecutive Sundays from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. You will have to appear at the allotted exam centre and produce your Admit Card and Identification Card for verification and take the exam in person.
At the time of exam registration, you will be choosing exam date and centre. Once this data is submitted, you will not be able to go back and change this input. So if you miss the exam, you cannot take it on another date.
Once you have registered for a particular exam, it is final as the form will become uneditable. So please think and choose the subject carefully while you register for the exam. It cannot be changed once registered
Yes. You may participate in 2 online certification exams. The exams are conducted on 2 consecutive Sundays. So, you can take one exam per Sunday.
Currently, only the centres in the form can be chosen by individuals. If you belong to a college and more than 50 students are appearing for exams on the same date, the college Principal can write to us requesting for a centre in your city and we can try to arrange the same.
If the payment is successful, you will get an email saying so. Also, the registration form should become non-editable after that. You can go to http://nptel.ac.in/noc and check your status in the tab "Payment tracking". If your name is in the success list, it means your payment is confirmed.
After the certification exam concludes, the results and the e-certificate are made available online, about 4 weeks after the exam date. The students will receive an e-mail alert as soon as the results are published.
Normally the final question paper is not released and hence the solutions also will not be released. If you have any specific doubts, you can write to the course instructor on the discussion forum of the course.
For an objective online exam, results and the e-certificate (go to the course at nptel.ac.in/noc) will be available 2-3 weeks after the exam date.
For an offline subjective exam (paper and pen), the results and the e-certificate will be made available 5 weeks after the exam.
Please write to us explaining the reasons behind your contest. Give us the name of the course, date of exam, roll number and email id. We will forward it to the course instructor and his decision will be implemented.
The laminated hard copy of the certificate is usually sent by speed-post 2 to 3 weeks after the exam results are published. An email will be sent to the candidates saying that the certificates have been dispatched.
Yes. The score may be a combination of assignment and final exam scores, as the course instructor decides.
The e-certificate can be downloaded and printed and used. It is anyway e-verifiable.
At the time of registration of the exam, you will be asked to provide the address where the certificates need to be sent by post. Any request for change in address will not be entertained thereafter. So please give a permanent address while you register for the exam. It cannot be changed once registration is complete.
Please take a screen-shot of your certificate and send us an e-mail describing the error. If the error is genuine, we will send you another certificate.
As a general policy, NPTEL will not refund exam fees.
Once the exam fee is paid, arrangements will be made for you to take the exam. Please try to take the exam as we will be unable to give a refund in case you cannot.
Sorry. Once you have registered for an exam, refunds will not be done.
  • Joining/enroling for an NPTEL online course is free.
  • The videos and associated study material may also be downloaded for free.
  • Learning from the course, submitting assignments, participating in the discussion forum is free.
  • To write the final exam, you need to pay a nominal fee.
  • The certification exam is optional.
  • You will have to pay Rs. 1100 for all certification exams