Course Name: Roadmap for Patent Creation

Course abstract

For every science and technology individual, or for any inventive mind, there is a possibility of creating novel product or process. This course will help such intellectual minds to identify and protect their intellectual efforts.This course is an introduction to one of the important types of intellectual property, patent. The course is a good blend of theoretical and practical aspects of patenting activity. The course is focused on inventor/researcher perspective with an objective how to generate a patent. This course provides various guidelines to inventor/researcher to convert his research into patent. This includes various topics such as how to read a techno legal document (patent), how to use patent data for research gap analysis, how to identify potential patent, how to plan the patent filing activity, how to interact with patent attorney, how to use and maintain laboratory notebook and so on.

Course Instructor

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Prof. Gouri Gargate

Dr. Gouri has a wide experience in intellectual property law, industry and academia. Her background in IPR is LLM from University of Mumbai (Gold medal), PhD in IP management from IIT Bombay (MHRD scholarship),Post Graduate Diploma in patent law from NALSAR University, Registered patent agent (IN/PA 1930), TIFAC (Technology Information Forecasting and Assessment Council, DST) scientist and DL 101 certification. Her background in technology is M.Sc. in Microbiology (Gold Medal), PG Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology and short term raining in IVF (In Vitro Fertility).She has presented research papers at international technologymanagement conferences such as PICMET (2012, Canada), IAMOT (2018, Birmingham, UK) and published research papers in reputed journals like ‘World Patent Information’, ‘JWIP’, ‘IJIPM’ and filed her own patent in March 2015. She also worked as a guest co-editor for IJIPM (ABDC Listed Journal) Special Issue-MIPS 2014.Dr.
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Priyadarshini Singh


 Course Duration : Jan-Mar 2020

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