Course Name: GPU Architectures and Programming

Course abstract

The course covers basics of conventional CPU architectures, their extensions for single instruction multiple data processing (SIMD) and finally the generalization of this concept in the form of single instruction multiple thread processing (SIMT) as is done in modern GPUs. We cover GPU architecture basics in terms of functional units and then dive into the popular CUDA programming model commonly used for GPU programming. In this context, architecture specific details like memory access coalescing, shared memory usage, GPU thread scheduling etc which primarily effect program performance are also covered in detail. We next switch to a different SIMD programming language called OpenCL which can be used for programming both CPUs and GPUs in a generic manner. Throughout the course we provide different architecture-aware optimization techniques relevant to both CUDA and OpenCL. Finally, we provide the students with detail application development examples in two well-known GPU computing scenarios.

Course Instructor

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Prof. Soumyajit Dey

I joined the dept. of CSE, IIT Kgp in May 2013. I worked at IIT Patna as assistant professor in CSE dept. from beginning of Spring 2012 to end of Spring 2013. I received a B.E. degree in Electronics and Telecommunication Engg. from Jadavpur University, Kolkata in 2004. I received an M.S. followed by PhD degree in Computer Science from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur in 2007 and 2011 respectively. My research interests include 1) Synthesis and Verification of Safe, Secure and Intelligent Cyber Physical Systems, 2) Runtime Systems for Heterogeneous Platforms. More specifically, as part of my second research interest, I work on building GPGPU application scheduling frameworks considering both a) embedded real time applications, and b) GPGPU cluster level workloads. I have been successfully running a popular course titled “High Performance Parallel Programming” ( in CSE IITKGP for the last three years jointly with Prof. Pralay Mitra.
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Srijeeta Maity


Anirban Ghose


 Course Duration : Jan-Apr 2020

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