Course Name: Basic Principles and Calculations in Chemical Engineering

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The Objective of the course is to introduce chemical engineering students to the basic principles and calculation techniques used in the chemical industries and to acquaint them with the fundamentals of the material and energy balances as applied to chemical engineering.The course is mainly intended for graduate chemical engineers.It will expose them to problems in material and energy balances that arise in relation to the problems involving chemical reactors.It also will introduce them to numerical methods used to solve the problems with simple software packages.The course will introduce in simple language and ample of examples so that it will encourage learners to get used to the course.

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Prof. Subrata Kumar Majumdar

Dr. S. K. Majumder is a Professor in the Chemical Engineering Department,Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, India.He completed his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Indian institute of Technology Kharagpur.He has 14 years of teaching experience till now. His research interests include multiphase flow and reactor development,hydrodynamics in multiphase flow,mineral processing,process intensifications and micro-nano bubble science and technology and its applications.He is a fellow of the International Society for Research and Development , 8A Kapteinsvigein , London,UK.He is also a recipient of various honours and awards like:Editor,Journal of Chemical Engineering Research studies,Guest editor,American Journal of Fluid Dynamics,published by Scientific & Academic Publishing Co.,CA,91731,USA,Editorial board member of Scientific Journal of Materials Science , IIME Award on beneficiation from Indian Institute of Mineral Engineers(IIME) ,Editorial board member of the Journal of Science and Technology,Scientific and Academic publishing,USA,Advisory board member of excelling Tech Publishers(ETP), London, UK. He is a life member of Indian institute of Chemical Engineers, Indian institute of Mineral Engineers,Member of Institute of Engineers(India),Member of Asia-Pasific Chemical,Biological& Environmental Engineering Society(PCBEE),senior member of international Association of Engineers(IAE),Japan.He authored four books,five book chapters, and has more than 80 publications in several reputed internationals journals.He has completed several sponsored and consultancy projects.He has a collaboration with the Aalborg University,Denmark and University of Los Andes,Colombia.Presently he is working in the field of Microbubble science and technology and its applications in mineral beneficiation,food processing and arsenic,ammonia and dye removal and process intensifications by developing ejector-induced gas aided extraction process.
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Surabhi Patel




 Course Duration : Jan-Apr 2020

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