Domain Certification

Domain : Advanced Mechanics (Minimum 50 Weeks)

Core Courses

You have to complete 3 core courses

Sl No Nptel CourseId Course Name SME Name Institute Course Duration Previous Run Jun-2020
1 112106286 Engineering Mechanics Prof. K. Ramesh IIT Madras 12 weeks noc19-me41
2 112102284 Solid Mechanics Prof. Ajeet Kumar IIT Delhi 12 weeks noc19-me43
3 112105197 Vibrations of structures Prof. Anirvam Dasgupta IIT Kharagpur 12 weeks noc16-me07
112107212 OR
Introduction to Mechanical Vibration
Prof. Anil Kumar IIT Roorkee 8 weeks noc18-me37
101105081 OR
Vibration and Structural Dynamics
Prof. Mira Mitra IIT Kharagpur 8 weeks noc19-ae09
4 112104193 Basics of Finite Element Analysis-I Prof. Nachiketa Tiwari K IIT Kanpur 8 weeks noc19-me02
112104205 OR
Basics of Finite Element Analysis - II
Prof. Nachiketa Tiwari IIT Kanpur 8 weeks noc16-me09
5 112106293 Basics of Materials Engineering Prof. Ratna Kumar Annabattula IIT Madras 12 weeks noc20-me78

Elective Courses

You have to complete 3 elective courses

Sl No Nptel CourseId Course Name SME Name Institute Course Duration Previous Run Jun-2020
1 127106019 Numerical Methods for Engineers Prof. Niket S Kaisare IIT Madras 12 weeks noc19-ge30
2 112106289 Foundations of Computational Materials Modelling Prof. Narasimhan Swaminathan IIT Madras 12 weeks noc20-me08
3 112108285 A short lecture series on contour integration in the complex plane Prof. Venkata Sonti IISc Bangalore 4 weeks noc19-me75
4 112103278 Dynamic Behaviour of Materials Prof. Prasenjit Khanikar IIT Guwahati 12 weeks noc19-me65
5 Theory of elasticity To Be Developed
6 Non linear Elasticity To Be Developed
7 Plasticity To Be Developed
8 112103295 Finite Element Method: Variational Methods to Computer Programming Prof. Atanu Banerjee, Prof. Arup Nandy IIT Guwahati 12 weeks noc20-me60
9 112103296 Computational Continuum Mechanics Prof. Sachin Singh Gautam IIT Guwahati 12 weeks noc20-me74